Vision and strategy

Our University Strategy captures the collective ambition and imagination of our staff, our students and the wider Bristol family. It provides a roadmap that sets out our aspirations for the next seven years.

Working and studying at Bristol allows you to explore and promote new ways of thinking and seeing the world.

Our University strategy (PDF, 5,079kB) was launched in 2016. It focuses on six major areas:

  1. Education and the student experience (PDF, 4,674kB)
  2. Research, innovation and partnerships (PDF, 4,674kB)
  3. Our staff and ways of working (PDF, 4,674kB)
  4. Internationalisation and global relations (PDF, 4,674kB)
  5. Physical and digital infrastructure (PDF, 4,674kB)
  6. Sustainability (PDF, 4,674kB)

Our staff and students fed their views into the strategy as it developed and teams across the University are now working on implementation plans.

In June 2016, staff had the opportunity to hear the Vice-Chancellor introduce the strategy and ask questions at internal launch events. He spoke about the exciting future ahead of us in the context of the uncertainties surrounding the result of the EU referendum. Staff and students who missed these events can catch up online by watching the Mediasite recording.

Professor Hugh Brady speaking at the National Gallery to launch the Vision and Strategy

Professor Hugh Brady speaking at the National Gallery to launch our strategy


If you have any questions or feedback on the strategy, please submit them to

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