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Marking Essentials

Marking Essentials covers the main aspects of the workflow for marking exams where students upload files to Blackboard.

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DigiTalk. The Digital Education Office blog for students.


DigiTalk is the blog for students, from the Digital Education Office (DEO). A space full of ideas, contributions and tips – by students for students – on all things digital learning. It's also an area for the DEO to alert students to news or information about our software and services. Sign up and subscribe.

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Service improvements

See recently completed and upcoming service improvements, including the plans, grouped by service, for Summer 2022. The page will be updated as work progresses, to include any additional functions or improvements.

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Coffee and pastries

Join us for a webinar or drop-in

We are running regular webinars and online sessions. Get yourself a coffee and come and join us online. Details on our events page.

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