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T‌he Post Room, 1-9 Old Park Hill, Bristol, BS28BB - Phone 0117 42 83290 - Email external-post@bristol.ac.uk

Internal PostImage showing the rear quarter of our Print Services Electric Delivery van displaying the liveried side graphics of a lime green plug to illustrate the environmental impact

Internal post must be clearly marked with the recipient’s name and address (within the University precinct). 

We aim to get internal post to its destination within 2 days. We do not deliver to the following locations which will be included in external post

  • Temple Quarter,
  • UWE,
  • National Composites Centre.

If you move your work location or change your role it is your responsibility to change your details in the contact directory and ensure Estates Assistants and colleagues are aware of where to redirect your mail.

External PostImage showing different types of postage, with some franked envelopes on top of a partially used sheet of 1st class orange stamps behind

The Post Room is used for franking of all post unless your department/school expects to process in excess of £10,000 franked post per annum. Procurement must authorise any procurement of franking machines. 

The Post Room can send letters and parcels (under 10kg), locally and internationally.  Please give us a call if you have any questions about the different postal systems.

Please click through the above link for more information on external post.

Lost PropertyLost Property button click through to access the Lost Property page

Lost Property is managed by the Post Room team. Emma Valoo  supervises the team. Aid Ball and Paul Topley complete the daily deliveries for Print Services and deliver and collect the internal and external mail across the University Precinct. Scott Giles sorts the internal post at the Post Room and completes the franking of post.

Toner Recycling

Please send any used toner cartridges (must be in a clear bag with no other packaging) that need to be recycled to the Post Room. Canon toners are recycled for free. All other toners attract a small charge which is paid for centrally.