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Helping you feel safe and supported

Be part of our vibrant student community

We offer a range of accommodation for all student types. Find out more about all aspects of student life in our residences, from social opportunities to budgeting for your accommodation costs.

We have a variety of residences located in the heart of the city. Living in our student accommodation is a great way to enjoy your independence, make new friends and start your student life at the University of Bristol. 

Listed below is everything you need to know about living in our accommodation, from our pastoral support and 24-hour security, to our residences, room types and flat profiles to suit your living requirements.

Two women of different races playing table football and smiling. Living in our residences

Our residences offer a unique student experience. Find out ways to get involved and the support you'll receive in residences.

A young woman sitting and smiling at the camera. Residential villages

Our residences are grouped into three residential Villages. Find out more about life in the North, East and West villages. 

A young man smiling on a bright autumn day with Will Memorial Building in the background. Accommodation costs

Understand the cost implications of a University tenancy and see tenancy costs for our residences in full.  

A green space surrounded by colourful residential buildings at Manor Hall. Discover our residences

Browse our residences to see the full range of accommodation we have available.    

A student room in Churchill Hall, with a single bed in one corner and a desk opposite. A green space outside is visible through the window. Room types

Our residences have a variety of room types including single, en suites, studios, rooms with a basin. They are graded basic, standard and standard plus.

A spacious accessible bathroom with several handrails by the toilet and sink and within the large shower space. Adapted and accessible rooms

We have adapted and accessible accommodation for students with mobility difficulties or sensory impairments.

A female undergraduate student sitting on a sofa with a laptop and smiling. Flat profiles

We have accommodation to suit everyone including single-sex, kosher, alcohol-free, quiet, mature or LGBT+  accommodation options.

Several students of different races and genders select food from a canteen. Half-board accommodation

Find out which of our residences are half-board and what facilities are available.  

A large kitchen with ovens, hobs and storage on either side of the room. Self-catered accommodation

Find out which of our residences are self-catered and what facilities are available. 

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