Fees and finance

As a student, you, your parents or an external sponsor may pay your fees. You will need to know the amount to pay and when payments are due. You might also want to know how to supplement your income, either with a scholarship or by working part-time. 

Tuition fees

A tuition fee is payable in each year for every programme of study at the University of Bristol, with the exception of incoming Erasmus exchange students. The amount that is payable varies depending on the programme.

Find out how and when to pay tuition fees.

Financial fraud

Criminals will try to target students to steal their tuition fee payments. Please follow the below tips to stay safe: 

  • Be aware that criminals may contact you pretending to be the University or your Agent. If you are in doubt about a message, contact the University or your Agent to confirm;
  • Never share your University password with anyone;
  • Be wary of companies offering to make tuition fee payments on your behalf, especially if they are offering a discount. The University has published a list of approved payment methods;
  • Do not allow any agents/companies to view your University financial statements;
  • If you believe that you have been a victim of online financial fraud you can report it to the UK police

Definition of an overseas student for fee purposes

If you are not sure whether you will pay tuition fees at the overseas rate, please consult our guidance on fee status.

Cost of living

Find out more about living expenses and how much you can expect these to be. You can also read more about living in Bristol.

Part-time work

Read more about working during your studies.

Student Funding Office

Our Student Funding Office gives advice on scholarships, emergency short-term loans, the cost of living and on budgeting your finances.

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