How to submit an accommodation application

Find out how to register on our Accommodation Portal and how to complete your accommodation application.

Non-guaranteed accommodation applications closed

The non-guaranteed accommodation applications have closed. Remaining spaces in our residences will be offered from 31 August 2022.

Register on our Accommodation Portal

New students wanting to apply in the non-guaranteed round of applications should register on the Accommodation Portal as soon as you have a University student number.

To access the portal for the first time you will need to register on the system. To do this

  • go to the Accommodation Portal confirm your details page,
  • add your University of Bristol student number - you will find this in emails from the University,
  • add your email address - this needs to be the email address you used when you applied for University,
  • click Submit.

You will receive an email with a unique link, which you need to click to set your login details for the system. This link will expire after 1 hour, after which you will need to repeat the steps above to generate a new link.

When setting up your account details, be sure to use an email address that you will have access to until you arrive, as this will be the address we will use to contact you regarding your accommodation application.

Visit our Accommodation Portal help page for support with any common issues you are having with registering on the system.

Completing your application

Once you have registered on the Accommodation Portal, you will be ready to complete an accommodation application when they open at 9:30am on Friday 19 August 2022. Log in to the Accommodation Portal and select Apply for student accommodation from the menu.

The University will allocate you a room and a residence, so it is not possible to request to live somewhere specific in the application. At this stage, we have limited remaining availability, however, you will be asked to include any health needs you have that impact your accommodation requirements and confirm your budget.

Once you have filled out all the details in full you can submit your application. You will receive a confirmation email.

What happens next

Offers for non-guaranteed applicants will be made from 31 August 2022. Please see the accommodation offers page for more information.

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