Pre-sessional student accommodation

We offer University-allocated accommodation for students on the pre-sessional academic English course, or the Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA).

About our accommodation

If you are attending either the 6-week or 10-week pre-sessional course, you are guaranteed an offer of accommodation for the duration of the course, if you apply to us for pre-sessional accommodation by the closing date shown below.

If you live in University-allocated accommodation, you will:

  • share a residence with other students studying at the Centre for Academic Language and Development,
  • live in mixed-sex flats or in rooms along mixed-sex corridors, and
  • usually live with students of the same nationality.

All students living in our University accommodation have free access to Residential Life, a support service for students living in residences. All of our residences belong to one of our Residential Villages, and at the heart of each Village is a Student Support Centre, offering round the clock advice and support to all our students.

Please note our accommodation is suitable for single, unaccompanied students. Your pre-sessional accommodation will run right up until the start date of our postgraduate accommodation, meaning you can move from your pre-sessional course straight into your Postgraduate accommodation. 

Taking over another student's room

It's important to note that incoming pre-sessional students are not able to take over the tenancy of current students already living with us. You must not sub-let a room from an existing University of Bristol student. This is a breach of the tenancy conditions. 

Key dates  

The dates you need to know for applying, booking your room and moving in will depend on the pre-sessional course length you are studying. 

 10-week course6-week course
Applications open 31 March 31 March
Room booking opens (students with no health needs) 25 April 9 May
Rooms offers made to students with health needs 25 April 9 May
Applications close (guarantee deadline) 29 April  1 June 
Move in to your accommodation 15 June 13 July
Move out of your pre-sessional accommodation and into postgraduate accommodation 10 September 10 September

How to apply 

Applications for pre-sessional accommodation are made through our accommodation portal. Follow the steps below for details of how to access the portal and start your application. 

  • Step 1: Register on our Accommodation Portal.
  • Step 2: After registering, log in to the Accommodation Portal and click Apply for student accommodation. 
  • Step 3: Select the pre-sessional application option. 
  • Step 4: Fill out the application in full, being sure to include details of any health needs you have. You'll need to include a budget for your accommodation, prices by room type are shown below.  

Booking your room

After you have submitted your application, the next stage will depend on if you have included any health needs in your application. 

If you have health needs 
If you have declared a health need on your application, we will look for a room best suited to your needs and allocate it to you. You will receive an email with an offer for the room on 25 April (10 week course) or 9 May (6 week course). 

If you do not have any health needs 
If you have not indicated any health needs on your application, you will be invited on 25 April (10 week course) or 9 May (6 week course) to book your own room in our system, where you will be able to browse available residences and room types and select your preferred room. 

After booking your room or accepting an offer, you will need to read and agree to the tenancy conditions and make the payment for your tenancy. 

Accommodation costs

Costs of our pre-sessional tenancies are shown below, please consider this when putting your budget into your application. You will need to pay for your accommodation using a credit card when you book or are offered and accept a room, as part of the acceptance process. Bookings that have not been paid for within 3 days will be cancelled.  

Please note, residences and room types shown are subject to availability. Depending on pre-sessional numbers, not all residences will be available. 

Room type/residenceCourse lengthTotal cost
The Hawthorns - En suite - Basic 10 week course £2,193.27
The Hawthorns - En suite - Standard 10 week course £2,225.91
Manor Hall - Single - Basic 10 week course £1,379.82
Manor Hall - Single with basin - Basic 10 week course £1,696.50
Manor Hall - Single with basin - Standard 10 week course £1,882.68
University Hall - En suite - Basic 6 week course £1,403.61
University Hall - En suite - Standard 6 week course £1,445.50
University Hall - Single - Basic 6 week course £935.74
University Hall - Single - Standard 6 week course £1,192.39
Manor HallSingle with basin - Standard 6 week course £1,276.76
Manor Hall - Single - Basic 6 week course £935.74
The Hawthorns - En suite - Basic 6 week course £1,487.39

Cancelling your accommodation

If you wish to cancel your reservation, you should email immediately. You can cancel your accommodation reservation within seven days of payment or up to the cancellation deadline detailed in you offer email (whichever is later) and receive a full refund of any monies paid provided you have not already moved into the accommodation.

Moving in 

All the information you need about moving into your residence will be sent to you by email before your arrival. The address and postcode for your accommodation can be found on the Manor Hall, The Hawthorns, University Hall pages. 

It is important to note that we do not supply bedding or kitchen equipment in our residences, but you can order bedding and kitchen packs online

After your pre-sessional course

If, after your pre-sessional course, you want to stay in University accommodation for your postgraduate year, you must make a separate postgraduate accommodation application. See our Applying for University accommodation pages for more details. We will guarantee to make you an offer of accommodation (subject to conditions).

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